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Tien Nguyen personal blog. Sharing sweet things in my passion life.

ResPick - Live Responsive Checker Tool for Web Designers ResPick will help you check your website responsive design with popular screen resolutions and sizes. This is one of my favorite tool when design themes and templates.

EntiDic - HTML Entity List with Full Symbols, Entities and Code Banner

Entities are special symbols and characters that were built in HTML language of your browser. Not all entities are supported by your browser. If you see empty rectangle, that means your browser not support that entity. If you see blank, that means the entity is not printable.

Gerand Tool - Generate Random Password, String and Code Online
Gerand is a tool that will help you generate random password with strongest security level or create random string for your personal purpose.

Welcome to my dream about future of steam cells, gene and electric technologies. Because it's only a dream, so don't be panic.

Regenerate Body

In 2070, scientists know everything about stem cells. Now, they can create any part of your body. Example, if you lost your hand, they can regenerate it from inside of your body. You can see your hand grow up everyday until similar with the old hand.
Stem Cells, Gene and Electric Technologies - Regenerate Hand
We will have ability like lizards
You have a bad heart? Cut it, throw into basket and create a new one. Of course, when waiting your body regenerate a new heart, you must use alternate machine heat, it's available even in 2014.

Google Analytics Real-Time Overview Report Generator
You can use this tool to generate Google Analytics Real-Time Overviews Report for your students if you are teaching about webmaster tools or online marketing apps. Or can also make a report for fun when sharing it with your friends or customers. Works best with Chrome.

Banner: Easy Grid - Responsive Portfolio Masonry Blogger Template
Easy Grid is a responsive portfolio Blogger template with masonry layout. This template is suitable for portfolio, photography, blogging and magazine website.

Blogger has a simple built-in status analytic system. In this article, we will try to understand more about this status system.

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