I spent about months to make this magazine template and now, I will give little detail about what this ultimate template is, and what main features that will make it become a high-end template. Welcome all comments for this sneak peek and suggestions for great features that you want for MagOne template.

MagOne template is flexible and responsive magazine template for Blogger /  Blogspot websites. Drag and drop to built a magazine website in minute.

Any Image widget with parameter $quot=author_of_quote in title will become a Quote widget if your template was integrated Blogger Quote Image System

Any Link List widget with $type=social_icons in title will become Social Icon list if your template was integrated Blogger Social Icons System

Pages or Link List widget with $type=menu in title will become menu navigation if your template was integrated Underscore Menu System of Blogger.

Blogger Underscore Menu System supports drop-down, mega content and FontAwesome Icons.

Developing Applications with Meta Boxes in Wordpress
In this course we’re going to look at how to implement our own custom WordPress meta boxes using WordPress best practices, coding standards, and APIs.

Specifically, we’re going to develop a plugin that adds a custom meta box with the following functionality:
  • Attach an MP3 to any given post
  • Specify a title for the MP3
  • Make sure that we can upload only MP3 files
  • Display a link to the MP3 file via the song title on the single post page

Discover Special Things about Wordpress Tutorial
This course will help you discover a few special things about WordPress that you didn’t know before to become a Wordpress expert. You will learn something about programming, you will got interested in contributing to some of the more exciting WordPress projects around like unit testing and integration with Composer and Twig.

WordPress is easy for nearly anyone to learn, but that doesn’t mean that all the code you write for it has to be messy. There’s nothing keeping you from leveraging modern programming techniques for your WordPress themes and plugins. Let's start adventures with WordPress!

Blogger supported macros for all templates in version 2. This article will help you understand about the macro in XML template code.

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